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Arbitrage Betting Analysis

David Hawkins Research - Arbitrage Betting Analysis

Arbitrage Betting Statistics

In the financial sector, the term arbitrage is used to describe buying and selling assets at the same time. In the sports betting world. Arbitrage betting refers to making combined bets that take advantage of the price difference between a betting exchange, like Betfair, and a bookmaker, like Bodog, to maximize potential winnings. Although the controversial method is nothing new, the ability for punters to access arbitrage betting statistics quickly online has made it more prevalent. As a result, some traditional bookmakers are choosing to cancel trades and close the accounts of those who partake in this practice.

Arbitrage Betting Real Life Example

Advantages of Arbing

There are two advantages to choosing arbitrage betting statistics. The first is that by placing a blanket of so called “surebets” on all possible outcomes, based on the early release of odds, you are likely to profit on a sporting event, regardless of the outcome. Second, this is an easy strategy to implement. There are simple calculations which are made to help you identify the best arbs. From there, you place your bets and wait for the results to roll in. Overall, this requires less statistical and variant knowledge per game than standard betting.

Disadvantage of Arbing

The potential return with arbitrage betting or sports arbitrage as it’s also called, is between 1% and 7%. In order to get the most out of this, you need a larger bankroll for betting. Betting odds may also change during the day, which can eliminate your arb. Keep in mind that this method requires punters to place bets at two or more bookmakers, and most do not allow simultaneous betting. Simply put, bookmakers have made it clear that they do not prefer arbers. There is a certain percentage of bets which will always be lost which directly impacts the bottom line of the bookmaker. Limiting or closing your account, as well as cancelling a bet, is a likely outcome if you continually use this process.

Tips for Arbitrage Betting:

  •  Limit yourself to events with two outcomes. When it comes to arbitrage betting statistics, the less potential variables, the better. Events with two outcomes only keeps things simple and increases your chances at success.
  •  Double and triple check your calculations. Human error is one of the leading causes of failed arbitrage bets. The wrong calculation can lead to a substantial loss in winnings. Always check and re-check your work for accuracy.
  •  Use tracking software. The most successful punters using this method implement tracking software and information from arbitrage forums to help them find their own arbs.
  •  Bet on the exchange. Betting exchanges like Betfair or Ladbrokes give punters a chance to not only lay outcomes, but also back them. These option can make your bets more profitable.

Although arbitrage betting is not illegal, it is not exactly welcomed with open arms. Want to find a Surebet? Click on the word “surebet” then press the button Take me back. There is also another way to use Arbitrage betting. Visit www.brainkomst.se and click on “Starta guiden”. The new way is called “skattefri inkomst“. Good luck!